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Clay Collins is a committed Christian and strong conservative. He’s running to be Bradley County’s next criminal sessions court judge. Over the past six years, Clay has worked as an assistant district attorney, defending our community against crime. Most recently, he served as Bradley County’s DUI Prosecutor. In his career, Clay has handled thousands of criminal cases, argued hundreds of motions, tried dozens of cases, and obtained numerous jury convictions, including convictions for first-degree murder and child rape. He has the experience and expertise to succeed on the bench. 

Before becoming a prosecutor, Clay battled public nuisances across the country, working to shut down drug dens and prostitution rings. Clay has also worked on Capitol Hill and with Alliance Defending Freedom to advance, create, and defend pro-life legislation. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree from UCLA School of Law and his bachelor's degree from The Master's University.

Clay has spent countless hours in sessions court and he has seen just how broken it is. Cases are often continued for years, closure alludes both victims and the accused, repeat offenders (such as convicted drug dealers and violent criminals) are granted bond after bond, and the time of law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens is wasted. Although Clay loved being a prosecutor, he feels that God is leading him to change sessions court for the better. As husband and father of five, Clay could not sit idly by and watch Bradley become less safe. Justice delayed is justice denied. Clay is running to help restore justice to you, the citizens of Bradley County. Clay has a plan to fix sessions court (see below)!


As a lifelong conservative, Clay is also running because he believes that it is essential for a conservative county like Bradley to have a conservative judge. A man who respects the Constitution, upholds the Second Amendment, enforces the law as written, defends the lives of the unborn, is tough on crime, and stands for traditional values. Clay is such a man!  

We live in a wonderful county in a wonderful state. Let’s do everything we can to keep Bradley County great by fixing sessions court! With our county’s future in mind, Clay Collins is humbly asking for your vote in the May 3rd Republican Primary.


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Bradley County’s crime rate is higher than the national average on many metrics. All too often the good work of law enforcement goes for naught, as repeat offenders are granted bond after bond, allowing them to commit crime after crime. Clay will be a tough on crime judge and use all the tools at his disposal (eg, revoking bond, strong sentences, etc.) to ensure that criminals know they cannot keep breaking the law without consequence. Clay will end the current court's policy of "catch and release" on Day 1!



Currently, it can take months or even years for a case to work its way through Bradley sessions court. This is completely unacceptable, as it bogs down the court's docket and prevents justice from being achieved. Clay will ensure that the deadlines set forth in the Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure are strictly adhered to and that all cases are pled, dismissed, or sent to grand jury by their third court appearance or three months, whichever comes first.



No one charged with or the victim of a crime should have to wait all day to have their case heard. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens currently in Bradley sessions. This problem can be easily fixed by breaking the docket down into morning and afternoon sessions. Clay will work with the clerk's office and sheriff's department to implement this simple change and prioritize the time of Bradley County's citizens.



As a former prosecutor, Clay saw first-hand the devastating effects that drugs have on our community. In addition to strictly enforcing Tennessee's drug laws, Clay will work to establish a drug court for misdemeanor offenders. Rather remarkably, at present, the State of Tennessee prioritizes drug rehabilitation programs for felons, while largely ignoring treatment options for lower level offenders. Clay believes that the best time to combat drug addiction is on the front end, not the back end. 

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